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Constructed on a portion of land that was a Stephen F. Austin Land Grant,
Brushy Creek Custom Sires opened it's doors in the Fall of 1977. The 10 pens that were built were immediately filled with the bulls belonging to breeders who had encouraged owners Emzy and Ava Barker to do their semen collection. Those breeders, who are still active today, continue to bring their top bulls to Brushy Creek.

Immediately seeing the opportunity to export the semen that was collected for their clients to numerous foreign countries, Brushy Creek began to export in 1978, and remains today one of the top facilities in the export of custom collected Bovine Genetics in the Southern Hemishpere. Many international visitors stop by throughout the year to see the bulls currently at Brushy Creek.

Primarily attracting Brahman at the outset, Brushy Creek today still maintains a larger customer base of Brahman over other breeders of cattle.
Brushy Creek Custom Sires
18051 FM 1660
Taylor, TX 76574
Fax: 512-352-5046

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